Joint annual review meeting on national health strategy of Tajikistan

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the WHO Country office, Tajikistan, and development partners convened a two-day joint annual review meeting on 27-28 October 2011, in Dushanbe, to review the status and discuss the achievements of the first year of implementation of the National Health Strategy 2010-2020, which is being implemented within the framework of the work plan of the Ministry of Health. The meeting took place in the biggest national complexes of Kohi Vahdat. The main focus of the meeting was the intercountry work with all sectors, work within the health system and results at a summary level.

The opening of the meeting included keynote speeches from Ms Bobokhojaeva L.S, Presidential office of Republic of Tajikistan, Dr Salimov N.F, Minister of Health, Dr Pavel Ursu, WHO Representative/Head of WHO Country office, Tajikistan and Mr Juan Eduardo Tello, Division of Health Systems and Public Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe.

Ms Bobokhojaeva L.S, made a very strong political speech in regard to the health system and protecting the health of the population, referring to the adoption of the National Health Strategy 2010-2020, and taking into consideration the progress and success for the identified tasks with regard to the development of the health sector. She also mentioned its key role in promoting and advocating for health and reduction of health problems in society.

Dr Salimov N.F, Minister of Health of Tajikistan, spoke of the country’s health sector field in comparison to other countries and the factors affecting the health system. He also mentioned about the external aid for the health sector and its sharing mechanism, which is being conducted on a regular basis among the international financial institutions and organizations, and the funding reform from the side of the international organizations, which contributes to the process of sustainability of the health sector.

The matter of importance of rational decision-making, including the continuation of strategic approaches towards the further implementation of the National Health Strategy 2010-2020 for the next ten years, was highlighted by Dr Pavel Ursu. He mentioned about the continuation of cooperation with all sectors of society, including the government of Tajikistan, international organizations and development partners, all of whom play an important role in the process for the development and strengthening of the health system in Tajikistan.
Dr Juan Eduardo Tello concluded that Tajikistan must address and put all efforts towards the current health sector reform and draw special attention to the implementation of the strategy according to the identified principles for better health service, improvement and management of the health system at all levels, and last but not least, the rationalization of the resources.

The meeting followed with presentations from the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan and working group sessions chaired by the deputy ministers of health and the heads of departments of the Ministry of Health. The meeting gathered participants from various international organizations, state structures, ministries, stakeholders and development partners. With more then 100 participants taking part, this was the largest WHO event to take place in Dushanbe.