Tajikistan launches national immunization days against diphtheria

As part of a national campaign to combat diphtheria, 23 to 28 April were designated as national immunization days in Tajikistan. In this first phase of the campaign, 730 000 children aged 3 to 6 were targeted to receive diphtheria vaccinations. 

Special outreach teams and mobile brigades consisting of experienced and qualified health care specialists vaccinated the children at designated locations near the childrens' homes, including in the isolated, hard-to-reach areas of Tajikistan. 

According to Dr Jobirov, General Director of the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis, “the Government of Tajikistan allocated enough vaccines and syringes to conduct the national immunization days throughout the country. We must ensure that specific population groups receive the vaccination against diphtheria to protect their health. This leads to a stable future and a strengthened health system.” 

In the coming months, the Government plans to extend immunization coverage in subsequent phases of the campaign to children aged 7 to 12 and adolescents aged 13 to 21.