Doctors trained in Tajikistan in promoting voluntary blood donation

Doctors from blood transfusion centres, departments and offices of transfusion therapy treatment care facilities in Tajikistan were recently trained in selection of voluntary and unpaid blood donors. The WHO Country Office organized the training course in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan and the Republic Blood Centre.

About 100 participants of the course were trained on how to promote voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation. They were updated on the methods for recruiting volunteer blood donors and obtaining free donations, and for organizing successful campaigns to collect blood donations.

Post-training steps and recommendations

The experts conducting the course advised the participants to:

  • review the instructions for medical examination of donor blood and blood components in accordance with the policies and recommendations of WHO, and submit to the ministry of health for review and approval;
  • develop guidelines for organizing blood collection in accordance with the national identity and the most acceptable forms of recruitment of blood donation, and submit for review and approval; and
  • monitor the implementation and compliance once approval is received from the ministry.