Progress towards better primary health care in Tajikistan: Roundtable calls for quality strengthening and access improvements


Improving health services delivery towards high-quality care is one of the main priorities of the National Health Strategy for 2010-2020 in Tajikistan. Coordination, comprehensiveness and standardization of care, ensuring justice and equity in access for health services, responsive to the needs and demands of people, are clear and guiding principles informing this effort. At present attention has been called to achieve clarity and consensus in the key strategic directions to guide activities needed for improvements to be realized.

In this context on 11 March 2014 a roundtable event was held to map key priorities for coordinated action in the area of health services delivery with a focus on primary heath care in Tajikistan. It was organized by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Tajikistan with the technical support from WHO. The Roundtable on  Health Services Delivery  was opened by the First Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection, Dr Bobokhojieva. “We need to make sure that further recommendations will contribute to the definition of priorities and opportunities to improve and strengthen the health service delivery in Tajikistan”,  she underlined.  The Roundtable was organized with the financial support of the European Union and gathered delegates, representing different administrative levels of health services delivery,  as well as active development partners in this field.

During the meeting, participants discussed the existing evidence base generated through reporting, assessments and reviews developed nationally in recent years, and identified possible strategic directions on health services delivery, including:

  • developing clinical competencies
  • scaling-up standardization of practice,
  • strengthening the coordination of care and
  • developing and institutionalizing accountability arrangements at oblast and district levels.

The outcomes of the meeting will be consolidated into a final document and distributed among all the stakeholders.