Tajikistan launches Evidence-Informed Policy network


The Evidence-Informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) Europe mission to Tajikistan held a one-day workshop in Dushanbe to review and discuss the situation analysis for knowledge translation platforms (KTP) as part of a mission to establish EVIPNet in Tajikistan. Tajikistan's policy-makers, researchers, professional organization representatives, and other key stakeholders in the health system joined together to learn more about evidence-informed policy-making and identify potential organizational structures for a local KTP. 

Objectives of the workshop were to: 

  • familiarize key stakeholders in Tajikistan with EVIPNet procedures and activities and the findings of the situation analysis; 
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of potential organizational models for a KTP in Tajikistan; and
  • provide recommendations regarding the form and function of that KTP

EVIPNet promotes the systematic use of health research evidence in policy-making. It brings together stakeholders from many sectors to define policy questions, develop policy briefs and create ways to translate evidence into policy. Establishing a KTP will help bridge the gap between between research evidence and implementation of research findings in policy. In Tajikistan, these workshops represent an important first step towards the building of collaborative relationships between public health researchers and stakeholders that will lay the groundwork for evidence-informed policy-making in the future.