WHO provides support and emergency health supplies to 10 000 flood-affected people in Tajikistan


WHO/Europe delivered an interagency emergency health kit (IEHK) to local health authorities in Tajikistan's flood-affected areas this week. The IEHK kit, donated by the Italian Government, contains medicines and medical supplies to cover the health needs of 10 000 residents and returnees from displacement camps for 3 months.

A major flood in mid-July 2015 in Tajikistan's Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region and direct rule districts (DRDs) triggered boosted national action on preparedness and response to natural disasters. The floods affected almost 1500 people and claimed 7 lives; it also destroyed or damaged over 150 houses as well as irrigation and energy infrastructures, major transport routes and social facilities, resulting in estimated losses of US$ 100 million.

Dr Melita Vujnovic, acting Head of the WHO Country Office in Tajikistan, visited the affected areas, including the displacement camps, to support local health authorities with assessment and response. A WHO/Europe's expert team, together with health partners, also visited Rasht and Tajikabad in DRDs and conducted a rapid health assessment following floods and mudflow.

Tajikistan is prone to various types of disasters – hydrological and meteorological, geological, biological and technological – that have a permanent effect on the country's population. As a result, Tajikistan needs a reliable, integrated, sustainable basis for effective prevention, mitigation, warning and response to possible disasters. Floods and droughts but also earthquakes are frequent.

WHO will continue monitoring the health situation of the Tajik population and coordinate efforts with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population.