WHO delivers first tranche of health kits for Syrians living in Turkey


A WHO staff member prepares health kits for delivery to the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

The first tranche of the 86 health kits donated by WHO to the Government of Turkey to help provide health care services to Syrian refugees has reached the country.

The first shipment – of 50 interagency emergency health kits and 6 emergency trauma kits – reached Ankara on 25 July. WHO’s donation will help the Government to meet the needs of 140 000 people for primary health care for 3 months, and provide for the treatment of 300 emergency cases and 3000 surgeries for serious injuries.

Currently stored at the central warehouse of the Ministry of Health of Turkey, the health kits will be sent to various provinces in southern Turkey that are hosting Syrian refugees. The second shipment, comprising of 30 surgical supply kits, is expected to be delivered in August 2014.

The conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic is now in its third year and the influx of refugees into Turkey has far surpassed initial projections, and stretched health care services. Government authorities report that 219 227 Syrians are registered in 22 camps located in 10 provinces in Turkey, and 580 230 are registered as living outside the camps.

The authorities estimate that several hundred more Syrians are yet to be reached. The Government of Turkey expects that the number of Syrians residing in the country will rise to 1.5 million by the end of 2014.

WHO supports the work of the Ministry of Health and coordinates the activities of national and international health partners serving the Syrian population in Turkey.