Multisectoral action on drug dependence in Turkey (2016)



The use of substances that produce dependence has become a severe and worldwide health problem. Substance dependence is not only a health issue; it also has public, social, legal and governmental aspects. For this reason, antidrug efforts need to be multidirectional. Protection of people who has not yet met with drugs (particularly teenagers) and people with drug use but not yet dependence can be ensured by developing effective policies. 

For that purpose, under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister and under the coordination of Ministry of Health, and with the high level participation of other 7 related Ministries a holistic and high level multidisciplinary approach is adopted within the scope of Anti-Drug Emergency Action Plan in Turkey. Priority objective of all these efforts is to ensure effective implementation, sustainability of prevention and protection activities. 

This study summarizes strategies and supply, demand and communication policies developed with high level determination and institutional cooperation within the scope of Anti-Drug Emergency Action Plan.