Multisectoral action plan of Turkey for noncommunicable diseases 2017-2025 (English and Turkish)



Turkey, like many countries, is facing a growing burden from NCDs. Not only do they cause 87% of all deaths but, most worryingly, the probability of dying prematurely (before the age of 70 years) from NCDs in Turkey is 18%, which means that nearly one in every five adults dies before they should.

The high levels of risk factors for NCDs in Turkey indicate that unless action is taken rapidly, their costs will become an even greater socioeconomic burden for the country. The response needs to be faster and more far-reaching than at any time in the past.

For that reason, a Multisectoral Action Plan of Turkey for Noncommunicable Diseases 2017–2025 has been drawn up. Coordinated by the Public Health Institute of the Ministry of Health, and with the participation of other related ministries, authorities, universities and civil society, this Action Plan adopts a holistic and high-level multidisciplinary approach, with the priority objectives of ensuring effective implementation and the sustainability of prevention and protection activities.