Integrating gender, equity and other social determinants in the Turkmen state health programme


In cooperation with the Turkmenistan Ministry of Health and Medical Industry, the WHO Country Office in Turkmenistan held a workshop 6-7 April 2011 on integrating gender, social determinants and equity in the state health programme.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide training to the working group on integrating gender and other social determinants of health into the national health system.

Specific outcomes of the workshop included:
  • an overview of areas in the draft document to be reviewed;
  • the identification of options for monitoring gender, other social determinants and equity within the draft proposed national document;
  • agreement on the next steps, including identification of key stakeholders to be involved during the consultation process on the draft document; and
  • agreement on how WHO/Europ0e can provide technical support and assistance to this process.
During the workshop the participants took part in group exercises where they made general recommendations on how to incorporate genderand other social determinants of health perspective into the new national health system reforming program and priority actions to address health and gender inequities in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the new health policy.  

The workshop was facilitated by WHO/Europe staff and participants included members of the national group on strategic planning from the Ministry of Health, the State Sanitary Inspection of Turkmenistan, the National Health Information Center, the National Drug Regulatory Authority and Turkmen State Medical University.