Turkmenistan celebrates European Immunization Week


Third grade school children participating in a quiz on healthy lifestyle and immunization

Many activities are planned in Turkmenistan to raise public awareness during European Immunization Week 2012. These include establishment of special hotline services in health institutions; contests on knowledge of new vaccines organized by vaccinators, medical students and professors; television and radio spots, articles in various news media; “healthy lifestyle and immunization” lessons in schools and awareness sessions to be carried out for pregnant women.

With support from UNICEF, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry has also distributed 10 000 immunization calendars to health institutions throughout Turkmenistan and has prepared a special segment of a ‘Health TV’ show for parents on immunization, focusing on the impact of vaccination on early childhood development.

European Immunization Week 2012 was kicked off in Turkmenistan with a meeting of members of the interagency coordination committee of the National Immunization Programme. The committee is comprised of representatives from the ministries of health, finance, culture, and education, the television broadcasting company, Turkmen Airlines, the Red Crescent Society, WHO and UNICEF. At the meeting, the Head of the WHO Country Office made a presentation on European Immunization Week, and the Minister of Health presented the various activities planned for the Week in Turkmenistan.