Green light for new development programme for health sector in Turkmenistan


Training in laboratory diagnosis of tuberculosis in the new centre for communicable diseases control

The Government has approved the state programme on the development of the health sector in Turkmenistan for 2012–2016, and the related action plan.

The programme and plan are intended to accelerate the development of the health care system, increase the availability of high-quality public health services and help develop modern medical facilities. They should also contribute to the national programme of socioeconomic development for 2011–2030 and the President’s programme for social and economic development for 2012–2016.

The main areas for health-sector development include:

  • improving the legislative framework for the health care system;
  • introducing modern methods of treatment and of organization of scientific research;
  • increasing public awareness of risk factors and diseases;
  • introducing electronic document management;
  • ensuring the supply of high-quality medicines and other medical services to the entire population;
  • introducing WHO standards and protocols for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases;
  • improving medical education by revising curricula, training specialists at leading clinical institutions and introducing the principles of evidence-based medicine; and
  • developing and improving the infrastructure of health facilities.