WHO cross-border meeting on malaria held in Turkmenistan


A cross border meeting about Malaria, involving health officials from Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan, was held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, 27-28 August 2013.

The aim of the meeting was to stress the need to promote and facilitate joint efforts aimed at malaria control and elimination in Afghanistan and prevent the re-introduction of malaria transmission in Turkmenistan. At the meeting country health officials and international experts, along with WHO representatives from both the European Region and the Eastern Mediterranean Region reviewed the current malaria situation and identified problems/constraints related to malaria control and elimination encountered in participating countries.

Countries agree to work together

Participants agreed to take all necessary steps to solve malaria-related issues in neighbouring countries with particular emphasis on border areas. They explored the possibility of rendering assistance to Afghanistan via Turkmenistan by strengthening national capacities to deal successfully with malaria, in line with the joint statement on cross-border cooperation on malaria in Turkmenistan and Afghanistan endorsed by both countries in November 2009.

The backdrop to this is the Tashkent Declaration and the Kabul Declaration which put particular emphasis on situations in which there is a risk of malaria spreading between countries.

It has been agreed to continue organizing cross-border meetings on prevention of malaria re-introduction within the Region and between the European and Eastern Mediterranean Regions in 2014-2015.