Turkmenistan marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week


This year, Turkmenistan marked World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) with the signing of the National Strategy for Counteracting the Development of Antimicrobial Resistance 2017–2025.

The Strategy and its action plan were presented during 2 key national meetings. The meeting on surveillance of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the meeting on laboratory surveillance of antimicrobial susceptibility testing took place within the framework of WAAW on 16 and 17 November 2017.

The sessions devoted much attention to the role of health professionals and policy-makers in preventing the spread of AMR in health-care facilities through effective infection prevention and control measures. They highlighted progress made on AMR issues, including the signing of an order by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan limiting the sale of some antibiotics to by prescription only.

During the campaign, information materials on AMR in Russian and Turkmen were disseminated at the central, regional and peripheral levels for various groups, including the general population, medical professionals, managers, policy-makers and veterinarians.

Combating AMR and putting in place effective infection prevention and control measures are integral to implementing the International Health Regulations (2005), and to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and other global public health goals.

Turkmenistan’s WAAW campaign and its signing of the National Strategy highlight its commitment to the WHO Global action plan on AMR and its will to work towards the achievement of public health goals in the country.