Turkmenistan runs first Flu Awareness Campaign


Vaccination against seasonal influenza, Ashgabat 22 October 2018

Turkmenistan joined the WHO/Europe Flu Awareness Campaign initiative for the first time this year, with the development of an awareness campaign held on 22–26 October. The campaign featured various activities, including vaccination sessions and a drawing competition for school children.

The goal of the Flu Awareness Campaign is to raise awareness of the risks associated with influenza and the preventive measures that can be taken, particularly vaccination. The campaign targets high-risk groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, young children, people with comorbidities, those who are at increased risk of developing serious complications from influenza, and health workers, who are more susceptible to viral infection through their work.

Vaccination sessions held for staff and their families at various United Nations agencies and international organizations in the country promoted and increased awareness of vaccination, which is the most effective preventive measure against influenza.

The drawing competition, held with the support of WHO/Europe and the WHO Country Office in Turkmenistan, gave school children from the city of Ashgabat the opportunity to submit their pictures relating to influenza over the course of the campaign, with winners receiving commemorative prizes.

The campaign materials, which were based on WHO/Europe information products, were prepared in both Turkmen and Russian with support from Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Health and Medical Industry.

These materials, which communicate key facts and WHO recommendations on influenza, were produced not only for use in the Flu Awareness Campaign, but also to be useful resources through the entire influenza epidemiological season. The posters will be distributed for use in polyclinics, hospitals and educational institutions in the country.