Adverse childhood experiences and health-harming behaviours among students in Ukraine (2018)



Report on survey results

The survey of adverse childhood experiences in Ukraine was conducted among a representative sample of the student population (N=1517) selected from colleges and universities at all levels of accreditation (I–IV). It aimed to determine the prevalence and risk factors of adverse childhood experiences (child abuse, neglect, household dysfunctions, peer and community violence) and investigate the interrelations between adverse childhood experiences and health-harming behaviours. Results showed high prevalence of child maltreatment (emotional neglect was experienced by 28%, physical neglect by 25%, physical abuse by 12%, emotional abuse by 10% and sexual abuse by 5%), household dysfunctions, and peer and community violence. Adverse childhood experiences were associated with increased odds of health-risk behaviours, especially suicide attempt, early smoking initiation, alcohol abuse, drug use and risky sexual behaviour. Stakeholders should take stock of the current situation, strengthen national policy and implement a coordinated intersectoral preventive and care response.