HIV/AIDS treatment and care in Ukraine



2013 This report is part of the overall Ukrainian National AIDS programme evaluation conducted in September 2012.

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is the core of HIV/AIDS treatment and care. Timely provision of ART to people living with HIV  saves lives, and prevents the development of opportunistic infections,including active tuberculosis. ART is also an effective intervention in prevention of sexual transmission of HIV in discordant couples.

An evaluation of HIV/AIDS treatment and care was performed from the perspective of the WHO/UNAIDS Treatment 2.0 Framework which indicates 5 priority work areas: optimize drug regimens, provide access to point-of-care diagnostics, reduce costs, adapt delivery systems and mobilize communities.

In addition, HIV testing practices were evaluated as an entry point for HIV treatment and care.

Finally, the implementation of HIV/AIDS treatment and care services was reviewed with regard to sustainability, and compliance with human rights.