Prevention, control and care of tuberculosis in Ukraine (14-22 April 2015)



The prevention, control and care of tuberculosis (TB) as determined by the performance and strategies of the Ukrainian national TB control programme was reviewed comprehensively between 14 and 22 April 2015. 

The objectives were to: 

  • assess the progress of the programme between 2012 and 2016, especially in implementing the Stop TB Strategy; 
  • summarize experience, lessons learnt and methods used for successful TB prevention, control and care; and 
  • prepare recommendations for the Ministry of Health and international technical and financial partners as well as proposals for technical agencies and donors. 

The team consisted of 20 people from international organizations—the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the WHO Country Office and the Green Light Committee Europe—and also the United States Agency for International Development, PATH, WHO temporary advisers and national experts.