Mortality database updated

The European Detailed Mortality Database (DMDB) has been updated with the latest available data on causes of death. Fifty three country-years of detailed mortality information have been added to the database since the last update, including figures from Montenegro for the first time. The updated database is an invaluable resource that allows in-depth analyses of more than 185 million deaths occurring in 47 Member States in the WHO European Region over a 20-year period.

The DMDB allows flexible and user-friendly access to mortality data at the three-character ICD (International Classification of Diseases) code level. It presents disaggregations by country, cause, time period, age groups and sex categories, to assess trends in a country or comparative differences across countries. The DMDB supplements the European Mortality Database (MDB), which provides mortality data only for predefined, broader and selected aggregates of causes of death.