Offline version

Instructions for downloading, installation and start-up

  1. Create a new directory (e.g. HMDB) on your PC's hard drive.
  2. Download the compressed HMDB.ZIP file or the self-extracting version of the same file HMDBZIP.EXE.
  3. When the "File Download" window opens, click on "Save" (not "Open").
  4. Save the file to the newly created directory. Note: The size of the file is above 15MB. The download time will vary depending on your Internet connection speed.
  5. Double click on the saved HMDBZIP.EXE or HMDB.ZIP file and follow the online instructions for extracting the files.
  6. Double click on the "HMDB.exe" file to start the database.

For assistance in using HMDB:

  • read the user manual under the "Help" menu item on the opening screen; and
  • follow the onscreen instructions.