Environmental health indicators for Europe : a pilot indicator-based report



The Environment and Health Information System (EHIS) is a valuable tool for monitoring and evaluating the implementation and modification of policies.

The crucial element of a harmonized EHIS is a set of indicators that allows for the monitoring of public health and its determinants. This report is the product of a pilot study completed within the WHO process of developing a methodology for a pan-European EHIS. It illustrates the application of indicators for integrated public health assessment and reporting in four topic areas: air pollution, noise, transport accidents, and water and sanitation. The report provides an insight into effective methods for integrating information from environmental monitoring and health surveillance, using the scientific knowledge of exposure–response associations. These methods can both help in answering key questions on the effect of policies on health and the environment, and provide guidance on future policies and actions. The report also demonstrates the limitations of routinely collected data and outlines the need for strengthening cooperation between international agencies and the Member States.