Equity in health project

Inequalities in health are increasing in Europe. They exist between population groups within the same country and between countries across the European region. These inequalities lead to increased vulnerabilities in populations as well as increased differences in health behaviours and outcomes between population groups (whether measured by education, income, or employment). At the same time, there is a trend in a number of countries to devolve more responsibility for health systems to the regional levels.

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About the project

In 2007 the WHO Regional Office for Europe together with the European Commission commenced a joint action on inequalities in health-system performance and their social determinants in Europe with two objectives.

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Interactive atlases

One of the goals of the project is to improve availability of and access to evidence on inequalities in health system performance, including quality of care and the structural determinants of such inequalities across countries and regions in Europe.

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Web-based resource

One of the main goals of the “Inequalities in health system performance and their social determinants in Europe” project is to facilitate improved knowledge about the equity impact of various policies within and outside health systems. To fulfil this objective, tools and mechanisms for know-how and uptake by policy-makers and practitioners have been developed.

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