Regional consultation on targets and indicators for Health 2020 monitoring: report of results




In 2012, Member States approved the Health 2020 policy, which includes targets in six areas. The policy also considers monitoring progress on targets to be a key element of accountability. As such, appropriate indicators needed to be identified and proposed to Member States.

Over the past year, WHO-convened technical expert groups have suggested sets of 20 core indicators and 17 additional ones for consideration by Member States. After those were presented to the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee, a web-based consultation was organized to enable Member States to provide feedback on the proposed sets of indicators, including comments on their feasibility, clarity, completeness, appropriateness and usefulness, and to give consideration for their approval.

A total of 30 Member States contributed to the consultation and their responses were anonymised and consolidated. Taken as a whole, a positive response to the core and additional indicators was attained, with over 90% of replies expressing consideration for approval and 2% for rejection of indicators in both sets. A number of comments from Member States indicated the need for some indicator adjustments and clarifications, including additional disaggregation, further specification or explanations, including on methodological aspects. WHO has therefore developed a revised table of the sets of indicators, provided some clarification in the report and prepared technical notes to guide data collection, monitoring and analysis of indicators.