Technical documentation

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Database development

This paper gives a brief overview on data sources, the software and tools for compiling data, the database design and development and the final product.

Analytical approach and methods

This document presents a summary of the rationale and process followed for the analysis of health inequalities, from more exploratory analysis to multivariate methods.

User manual

In addition to providing a general introduction to the objectives and organization of the atlas and basic navigation instructions, this document explains how to use and interpret the outputs of the different atlases. Its annex provides additional information on sources of data and metadata, technical notes on calculation of composite indicators, the list of indicators used in the atlases and the list of country regions involved in them.

Technical meeting documents

This merged file includes brief background, scope and purpose, expected outcome and annotated agenda of the meeting of 18-19 August 2010 in Copenhagen.

Technical meeting report

Document summarizing discussions, issues to be addressed and recommendations.

Technical meeting presentations

Project Presentation, Database Interactive Systems, Interactive Atlases, Measuring Health Inequalities Context, Norwegian Institute of Health perspective, Slovakian perspective