Obesity and inequities. Guidance for addressing inequities in overweight and obesity (2014)



By Belinda Loring and Aileen Robertson
2014, v + 35 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5048 7

While population health indicators have improved across Europe overall, that improvement has not been experienced equally everywhere, or by all.

This policy brief on obesity is one of a series that describe practical actions to address health inequities in relation to one of the priority public health challenges facing Europe, the others being tobacco, alcohol and injury. Completing the series is a guide on how to take a comprehensive approach to addressing inequities in health.

It offers policy-makers and public health professionals the tools and guidance to implement the Health 2020 vision – the new health policy framework for Europe developed by WHO/Europe - and the recommendations of the review of social determinants of health and the health divide led by Sir Michael Marmot and his team. This policy brief provides a framework that policy-makers at national, regional and local levels can apply to their own unique context, to help them consider the processes by which inequities occur and suggest policy interventions to address them.