European Health Information Initiative (EHII) - Tenth meeting of the Steering Group




Copenhagen, Denmark 19–20 March 2018

The WHO European Health Information Initiative (EHII) steering group held its tenth formal meeting on 19–20 March 2018. Launched in 2012 with start-up funding from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands, the EHII is a multimember network committed to improving the health of the people of the WHO European Region by improving the information that underpins policy. This involves fostering international cooperation to exchange expertise, build capacity, and harmonize data collection and reporting. With these objectives, the EHII contributes to integrating health information activities. The EHII has rapidly grown to 39 participants at the time of writing the report, mostly Member States but also global institutions, and has consolidated and expanded as the implementation mechanism for the harmonization and integration of health information activities in the Region. The steering group received updates on continuing actions, identified new work and offered advice on EHII strategies and the workplan for 2018.