Dr Laura Rosen (Israel)

Dr Laura Rosen graduated with a Master in Biostatistics from the Harvard School of Public Health in 1983 followed by a PhD from the School of Public Health at Hebrew University in 2004. She was subsequently National Coordinator of “Healthy Israel 2020” before joining the School of Public Health at Tel Aviv University where she is currently Chair of the Department of Health Promotion. Her research, which has focused on tobacco control and the methodological issues surrounding public health and health promotion research, has resulted in over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr Rosen is also affiliated with Harvard School of Public Health’s Center for Global Tobacco Control, and was previously Chair of the Tobacco Subcommittee of Healthy Israel 2020 and a member of Israel’s Public Committee for Reduction of Tobacco Use and Harm. She currently serves as a member of the National Council for Tobacco Control and the Ministry of Health Scientific Committee for the evaluation and monitoring Israel’s national program for the promotion of health and active lifestyles. She has also developed Israel’s first and only academic course in tobacco control, and has mentored over 30 graduate students in tobacco control research.

Dr Rosen joined the EACHR in 2012.