Professor Philippe Grandjean (Denmark)

Professor Philippe Grandjean graduated with a degree in medicine in 1974 followed by a doctorate in medical sciences in 1979 from the University of Copenhagen — after which he worked as Chief of the Department of Occupational Medicine at the Danish National Institute of Occupational Health and held academic positions in Environmental Medicine. Professor Grandjean is currently Head of the Environmental Medicine research unit at the University of Southern Denmark and since 2003 has worked as an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health at Harvard University.

His research interests include developmental toxicology and neurotoxicity with regard to metals and organic pollutants, and he has published over 250 papers in scientific journals. Professor Grandjean has been actively engaged in international health policy through his work on a number of committees, including Danish Medical Research Council, the Research Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation and the European Food Safety Authority Panel on Contaminants.

Professor Grandjean joined the EACHR in 2012.