Vice-Chair: Professor Róza Ádány (Hungary)

 Professor Ádány graduated in 1977 with a degree in Medicine followed by a Doctorate from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. After a distinguished career in Medicine and academia [any other previous jobs outside of academia], she is now Head of the Department of Preventative Medicine at the University of Debrecen and Editor-in Chief of the journal ‘Népegészségügy’ (Public Health).

Professor Ádány has extensively researched biomarkers of neoplastic and cardiovascular diseases, in addition to the causes of premature mortality of the Hungarian population. She has contributed to over 200 peer-reviewed publications. In addition, she is also Head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Public Health Research Group (HAS) and President of its Scientific Committee on Preventive Medicine, Chairperson of the College of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, President of the National Association of Public Health Training and Research Centres and a member of the National Committee on Public Health Genomics.

Professor Róza Ádány joined the EACHR in 2012.