Rotation principle

Membership to the EACHR terminates automatically after four years; after which members will receive a letter informing them.

Membership can be renewed to ensure equitable geographical representation, gender balance, a balance of experts from different geographical areas of the Region, representation of different trends of thought, approaches and practical experience in various contexts, and an appropriate interdisciplinary balance.

The Secretary of the Panel and his/her director indicate at the beginning of each calendar year whether or not they recommend renewal of an appointment based on the principles above. The Secretary will consult with the chairs of the EACHR about rotation. The Secretariat will then send the recommendation to the Regional Director for decision.

As a general rule, at least three members of the EACHR shall be replaced each year through the automatic termination of their term and be replaced with new members. This process is to ensure a transitional period of new and process-experienced EACHR members.