Terms of appointment of members to the EACHR

Members of the EACHR shall be appointed for a term of four years, but should initially be for two years.

The appointment shall end at the expiry of this term. However, the Regional Director may renew the appointment when such renewal is warranted by specific requirements.

Renewals of appointments can be fixed for periods of up to four years, but should initially be for one year.

The appointment shall also end if the panel is disestablished. It may also be terminated at any time by the Regional Director if the interests of the Organization so require.

Members of the EACHR do not receive any remuneration from the Organization. However, when attending meetings by invitation of the WHO, they may be entitled, in accordance with the administrative regulations of the Organization, and at the discretion of the Regional Director to the reimbursement of travel expenses and to a daily living allowance during such meetings.

Members of the EACHR will submit a declaration of interests form in which they declare any potential or perceived conflict of interest. Such interests will be made public for the purpose of transparency.