Evidence-informed Policy Network (EVIPNet)

Launched in the WHO European Region in October 2012, EVIPNet is a global WHO initiative that promotes the systematic use of health-research evidence in policy-making. It is present in all WHO regions and is coordinated at both the regional and global levels.

Focusing on low- and middle-income countries, EVIPNet encourages the development of country-level teams, which comprise policy-makers, researchers and representatives of civil society. They facilitate policy development and implementation through the use of the best global and local evidence available.

EVIPNet builds capacity in countries to develop policy briefs and to help establish mechanisms to translate evidence into policy. It supports the WHO Regional Director for Europe’s vision of providing Member States with tools and capacities for translating evidence into policy.


EVIPNet is organizing workshops at which participants will learn about different ways to support evidence-informed health policy in their countries. These workshops will:

  • inform participants about the tools and resources available to support health policy-makers and stakeholders in using research evidence;
  • provide training in acquiring, assessing, adapting and applying research evidence; and
  • identify what participants’ organizations can do to better support the use of research evidence in health-system policy-making in the European Region.