The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative (GEM), Australia

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The Global Evidence Mapping (GEM) Initiative is a collaborative program which aims to improve the accessibility and usefulness of research evidence in health care.

Established in 2007, the project is a collaborative effort involving the Australasian Cochrane Centre, the National Institute of Clinical Studies and National Institute of Communication Technology Australia, the University of Melbourne, Southern Health and Melbourne Health.

The GEM initiative aims to bring together professionals interested in exploring new ways of organizing, contextualizing, visualizing and making available research evidence in broad context areas by producing evidence maps, or scoping reviews, on clinical, health services and policy topics.

Information available

The web site provides evidence maps of all the research evidence relating to neurotrauma as GEM’s first area of evidence mapping. It also provides information about projects under development, the project team and the collaborating organizations that are contributing expertise and in-kind support to the GEM Initiative.

Access to information

Free, no password required


National/international policy-makers, health professionals.

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