Multi-country workshop on using research evidence for policy-making – meeting report (2014)





This report details and discusses the first multi-country workshop of EVIPNet Europe, which represents a new regional knowledge translation network supporting the implementation of the European policy framework Health 2020. The workshop, which took place in October 2013, was attended by heads of WHO country offices and national evidence-informed policy champions of 15 countries, and represented the beginning of the network’s country-specific activities. The outcomes of the meeting included an increased general understanding of knowledge translation, its mechanisms and tools, as well as the driving factors for and challenges behind fostering evidence-informed policy-making. National  evidenceinformed policy-making roadmaps (for short- and medium-term activities) were also elaborated, to prepare the national territories for the implementation of knowledge translation platforms. These efforts contribute substantially towards the network’s global aims to promote partnerships at all levels, aiming to engender better knowledge translation and evidence-informed policy-making in order to strengthen health systems and produce better outcomes.