EVIPNet Europe Country launch in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (2015)




The country launch of EVIPNet Europe in  Republic of Moldova

Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova, 25–27 March 2014

EVIPNet Europe is supporting MDA in translating research evidence into policies. The network was launched in the country through individual visits to eight national public health-related key institutions1 as well as with a half-day workshop in March 2014 with participants from the Ministry of Health, WHO (regional and country office representatives) and representatives from the key institutions mentioned. The event was crucial to:

  • raising awareness and obtaining support of national decision-makers and stakeholders for EVIPNet Europe and its future activities in MDA;
  • familiarizing local consultants and representatives from the Ministry of Health with the Situation Analysis (SA) Manual, EVIPNet methodologies and developing the country's workplan; and
  • assessing national needs for evidence-informed policy-making (EIP) and current capacities.