EVIPNet Europe Stakeholder consultation on the situation analysis and the future country team in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2015)




EVIPNet Europe is a WHO Regional Office for Europe initiative that aims to increase country capacity in developing health policies informed by the best available research evidence – in line with and in support of Health 2020 implementation (1). EVIPNet Europe institutionalizes knowledge translation – the process of fostering research use in policy-making – through the establishment of national country teams to plan and implement knowledge translation at country level. This summary describes a stakeholder consultation organized to consider findings from a situation analysis (SA) conducted in Slovenia to assess the national knowledge translation context and identify possible options for establishing a future country team.

As a pioneer member of EVIPNet Europe, Slovenia conducted a high-level stakeholder meeting and a related technical workshop to familiarize key stakeholders with EVIPNet, validate and endorse the findings of the SA and discuss the establishment of the future country team. While the stakeholder meeting comprised a wide group of high-level individuals ranging from stakeholders from the National Institute of Public Health, the University of Ljubljana, the Faculty of Health Care Jesenice, the Health Insurance Institute and the Ministry of Health, the technical workshop consisted of a small group of key stakeholders. Presentations provided the participants with the relevant conceptual background information to understand EVIPNet, its mandate and Slovenia's involvement in the network.