EVIPNet Europe Strategic Plan 2013–2017 (2015)




EIP refers to the systematic and transparent use of the best available research evidence to strengthen health systems. Studies have shown that policies influenced by sound scientific evidence and best practices can significantly improve the achievement of positive public health outcomes. For example, up to 70% of deaths of young children worldwide could be avoided through enhanced research use in policy and practice. However, despite significant investment in health research worldwide, there remains a significant imbalance between what is scientifically known and what is done.
The need to bridge the research–policy divide has gained international policy attention. Three recent high-level international resolutions called on researchers, policy-makers and other research users to join together in efforts to close the research–practice gap in health systems through the process of KT: the Mexico Statement on Health Research of November 2004, the Fifty-eighth World Health Assembly resolution of May 2005 and the Bamako Call to Action on Research for Health of November 2008.