Update of WHO Europe statistical databases

The European Health for All Database (HFA-DB) was updated in April 2014. With over 600 indicators, HFA-DB provides fast and easy access, in graphical and tabular form, to a wide range of basic health statistics on the 53 countries of the WHO European Region. This database release incorporates replies from 48 countries to the annual HFA Data Request as well as the latest data from several common sources such as international organizations (e.g. UNECE, World Bank) and WHO units specializing in specific areas.  The mortality indicators have also been updated with data for 17 country /years of mortality data which includes for the first time 3 years of calculated mortality data for Turkey, 2009-2011.

The European Mortality Database (MDB) was also updated in April 2014. Using the same user-friendly system, the MDB allows more in depth analysis of cause specific death rates. It also provides sub-national mortality data for 13 countries. The April update added new cause of death data at national level for 17 country/years, including the 3 years of calculated data for Turkey. Also added were data for 4 country/years of cause of death data at sub-national level, which includes for the first time sub-national data for Belgium.