New synthesis report on promoting better integration of health information systems – best practices and challenges

The Health Evidence Network (HEN), with the support of the European Union (EU), has recently published a synthesis report titled Promoting better integration of health information systems – best practices and challenges.

The report combines interviews with experts from 13 EU Member States and a thorough review of previous literature to address current trends within EU Member States and the European Free Trade Association, illustrating what better integration means from a pragmatic perspective.

The report highlights a number of policy options, including requirements to:
  • improve fundamentals such as data availability and quality, inventories of data and registries, standardization, legislation, physical infrastructure and workforce capacities;
  • continue developing concept-driven indicator sets, including further work on outcome assessments of health information systems;
  • define better integration and demonstrate its concrete benefits;
  • enhance leadership for capacity-building to further integrate health information systems; and
  • increase international exchange in the field.
HEN at the WHO Regional Office for Europe recognizes that public health policy-makers need access to timely, independent and reliable health information. The network will continue to provide the best available evidence and policy options to help decision-makers.