European health report available in French, German and Russian

The 2015 European health report is now available for download and the ordering of printed copies in French, German and Russian. The report was released in English in September 2015 with intense media coverage. 

The report shows a Europe that has achieved striking successes and is on track to hit several targets, such as reducing premature mortality and setting national targets for health. Life expectancy is steadily increasing, but the report also sounds the alarm, noting that the Region has the highest levels of tobacco and alcohol consumption in the world. Moreover, the gap in life expectancy at birth between countries is still more than 10 years, with Israel and Switzerland topping the chart for longevity. Tobacco and alcohol play a significant role in shortening lives, although progress has been made in reducing their use. 

The report is WHO/Europe's analytical account of health in the European Region and its progress towards the targets set by Health 2020, WHO's overarching health policy. It also reveals a need to find and examine new kinds of evidence to understand the complex relationship between health, well-being and culture.