Health Evidence Network synthesis reports now discoverable via PubMed

WHO/Stephanie Brickman

Five Health Evidence Network (HEN) synthesis reports are now available via PubMed

The five Health Evidence Network (HEN) synthesis reports published last year – on subjects including health information systems, migrant health, and cancer and cardiovascular disease – are now indexed in the United States’ National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Bookshelf, which houses a number of authoritative scientific and medical resources. These reports are now discoverable via PubMed, a free search engine that primarily accesses the MEDLINE database of references and abstracts. Stakeholders have also signed an agreement to include future HEN reports in Bookshelf.

HEN publishes reports for public health decision-makers under the umbrella of the European Health Information Initiative, a multipartner network coordinating health information activities in the WHO European Region. The reports support public health decision-making processes by summarizing the best available evidence and proposing policy options for further consideration. They are peer reviewed and often produced collaboratively. HEN published its first report in 2003, and will soon add its 50th issue to the series.

No longer ‘grey literature’

Dr Claudia Stein, Director of the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation, said: “This represents a significant achievement for HEN. These reports will now be more easily available to policy-makers, researchers and any other interested parties. It is most gratifying that, instead of being ‘grey literature’, they are now being recognized as core evidence.”

Upcoming HEN reports will cover topics such as migration, health information, financing intersectoral action and the cultural contexts of health.