Health information systems in focus in the Czech Republic

Ministry of Health, Czech Republic

How to better analyse and use health information and technology for planning and political decision-making in the health system was the focus of a recent meeting between Dr Claudia Stein, Director of the Division of Information, Evidence, Research and Innovation of the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and representatives of the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Health and Institute of Health Information and Statistics (ÚZIS) on 29–30 November 2016. At the meeting, Dr Stein expressed high regard for the country’s health information system, which reports data at the national and, recently, also at the subnational levels. She also commended the significant step represented by the change in Czech law regarding the governance of health information, as well as the adoption of the Czech National Electronic Healthcare Strategy.

The Czech Republic is well on track to complete all tasks under the Biennial Collaborative Agreement (BCA) between the Ministry of Health and the Regional Office for 2016–2017. In addition, Dr Stein applauded the country for its active participation in the recent Autumn School on Health Information and Evidence for Policy-making, held in Romania in October.

Joint conclusions were adopted pursuant to the meeting. These included the possibility of the Czech Republic joining the Evidence-informed Policy Network Europe and its membership of the European Health Information Initiative, as well as further consideration of the ÚZIS application as a WHO collaborating centre for certain selected areas of work. Topics for further cooperation in the context of the upcoming BCA for 2018–2019 were also discussed.