New report urges scale-up of action on cultural contexts of health and well-being

Wellcome Trust

WHO/Europe has made good progress in moving beyond the hard numbers and statistical data to capture subjective experiences and enrich our understanding of how cultural factors affect health and well-being, but more can be done to implement new knowledge on the ground, according to a report released today.

The report, titled “Embedding a cultural contexts of health approach across the WHO European Region”, outlines the recommendations made by the WHO expert group on cultural contexts of health and well-being (CCH) at their 4th meeting, in April 2018. The 2-day meeting was generously hosted by the Wellcome Trust at their headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

“The importance of the CCH project cannot be underestimated. This report demonstrates that a multisectoral approach to health and well-being is both a worthwhile project and one that is producing positive results,” said Professor Mark Jackson, Chair of the CCH expert group and Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Culture and Health at the University of Exeter, United Kingdom.

Moving forward, the expert group recommended that WHO/Europe direct its efforts to explore knowledge-translation strategies for CCH research and methodological innovations. In line with this recommendation, WHO/Europe will develop a 5-year strategic plan for the CCH project, focusing on providing its Member States with the tools and technical support to implement project activities on the ground.

To read the report in full, please click on the link below.