Public Health Panorama special issue announced on arts and health

Public Health Panorama, WHO/Europe’s journal, will dedicate a special issue to arts and health in the WHO European Region in early 2020. The journal has put out a call for papers, underlining WHO/Europe’s growing engagement with the positive associations between the arts, health and well-being.

The journal seeks innovative examples of use of the arts in health settings. This includes arts in health research, policy, clinical programmes or interventions, as well as case studies of good practice at any level, be it national, regional or local. Submissions that incorporate mixed methods and/or multi- and interdisciplinary approaches from the health-related humanities and social sciences are preferred.

The special issue will help to consolidate the evidence base to further inform policy-makers of the value of the arts as an instrument in addressing key health and well-being challenges in the Region.

The deadline for submission is 21 October 2019. Please see the link at the bottom of this page or email for more information.