Data and statistics

22 countries reported funding as a very important or extremely important barrier to implementation of their national EHR. This is followed by capacity and infrastructure as the next most important barriers.

- From innovation to implementation – eHealth in the WHO European Region (2016)

Data on the WHO European Region from the 2015 Global eHealth Survey are interactive and available on the European Health Information Gateway.

  • 70% of Member States have a national e-health policy or strategy.
  • 84% of Member States have a national universal health coverage policy or strategy, of which 74% refer specifically to e-health or ICTs in health.
  • Public funding for e-health programmes is the most available type in the Region.
  • In multiple areas of e-health, funding is most important barrier to implementing e-health programmes.
  • 80% of Member States have legislation to protect the privacy of an individual’s health-related data in their electronic health record.
  • The main reason Member States utilize eLearning in health sciences and for health professionals is to improve access to educational content and experts.
  • Telepsychiatry was the type of telehealth service which increased the most between the 2009 and 2015 Global eHealth Surveys.
  • 91% of Member States report that the public uses social media to learn about health issues.