Health services delivery

Health care today occupies a fragmented environment that needs to adapt to rapid change in order to provide continuous and coordinated people-centred care. Health service delivery faces increasing public demands for access to and use of new technologies, new medications and new models of care, as well as higher expectations of quality and safe care.

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From cooks to counsellors: keeping patients safe from harm

With people living longer and with multiple chronic conditions, medical care has become more complex and is being offered in diverse settings. Over the last decades, health-care workers have had to adapt to this changing landscape and continuously learn to improve patient safety. On the first ever World Patient Safety Day, being marked on 17 September, we see how those working in the health sector are committed to keeping patients safe from avoidable harm.

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Voices of the Region 2018 - Pantelis Leousis, retired musician, Greece, speaks of his experience with the new primary health care unit close to his home.

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