Developing the Framework for Action towards Coordinated/Integrated Health Services Delivery

Across the European Region, reforms in the delivery of care towards more integrated services have widely emerged. To further this effort at scale and pace, Member States have called on the Regional Office to support the consolidation of practices to date in strengthening the coordination/integration of care.

Responding to this call, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has embarked upon a long-term work plan to develop a Framework for Action towards Coordinated/Integrated Health Services Delivery (CIHSD). The Framework is envisioned as a resource for leading and managing change, taking shape as how-to policy options for planning, implementing and scaling-up initiatives for the coordination/integration of health services delivery.

To guide the efforts in developing the Framework for Action towards CIHSD, a Roadmap planning document has been prepared. This Roadmap defines the key phases, processes and outputs between the present and the 66th Regional Committee meeting for Europe in 2016, where the Framework will be presented for Member State endorsement.

The processes defined in the Roadmap call for a series of partnerships and consultations throughout this work plan. This includes engaging with Member States through national focal points, generating technical input from international experts as well as soliciting the preferences and experiences of the public and service users with the delivery of care. 

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