Framework for Action towards Coordinated/Integrated Health Services Delivery (CIHSD) launched


Launch of the CIHSD Framework for Action

WHO/Europe is developing the Framework for the European Region, and launched the work plan for it at the conference “Health systems for health and wealth in the context of Health 2020”, held on the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Tallinn Charter in Estonia.

The Framework’s goal is to support countries with policy options and recommendations that target key areas for strengthening the coordination/integration of health services. These changes are in line with the vision of Health 2020 and the values of universal health coverage, as the delivery of care must be of high quality and people centred to secure improvements in health and equity.

Discussions throughout the conference called attention to the importance of moving health-service delivery towards more people-centred care, with the coordination/integration of delivery being a key approach.

A WHO/Europe roadmap explains the process of developing the Framework for Action towards CIHSD, setting out the phases from now to 2016. It gives particular attention to ensuring the participation of partners, including a network of focal points in Member States, external experts and leading organizations in the field, such as the International Foundation for Integrated Care.