Coordinated/integrated health services delivery (CIHSD). Stakeholder consultation



1 April 2014, Brussels

In line with the vision of the new European health policy - Health 2020 - for strengthening health system performance through innovative approaches, a Framework for Action towards Coordinated/Integrated Health Services Delivery (CIHSD) is being developed for the WHO European Region in an effort to answer the health challenges of the 21st century, from changing demographics and increases in chronic diseases to the fast evolving technological advances. Strengthening the coordination/integration in the delivery of services is recognised as playing a pivotal role in both responding to these health needs and in overcoming the shortcomings of existing models of care. It is in this context and in response to the calls of Member States for contextualised, evidence-based policy-options to enable systemwide changes that the development of the Framework for Action towards CIHSD has been created. The Framework for Action is developed through a consultative and inclusive process using a participatory approach to include input from Member States, an Expert Advisory Team and representatives of stakeholders, providers, patients and civil society.

In line with the wide engagement of stakeholders, the Coordinated/Integrated Health Services Delivery stakeholder consultation provided our partners from policy, providers and patients with a unique opportunity to engage in the development process of the Framework for Action. In convening this meeting, a focus was placed on bringing together key stakeholders which have a role in transforming health services to become more people-centred. Representatives from European patients, providers and professional associations had the opportunity to present their perspectives on how to transitions towards a coordinated/integrated health services delivery system and the roles these stakeholders play in facilitating this process. This international consultation provided our stakeholders with a forum to exchange ideas and experiences, and discuss important topics with international experts and country representatives.

The report at hand and the feedback received during this meeting will be used to further develop and refine the Framework for Action, ensuring the highest possible relevance and practicability for Member States and stakeholders alike.