Widespread unofficial payments reduce access to services and financial protection for patients, two fundamental dimensions of universal health coverage. The policy dialogue with WHO/Europe focuses on developing strategic policy changes, including the design of a system of patient co-payments and the refinement of the basic benefit package, in terms of both the scope of services and the range of population groups eligible for fully subsidized care. Discussion focuses on both the detailed design of new policies and the expected impact of proposed changes through the development of scenarios and simulations. Over 2011 and 2012, WHO has conducted, together with the MoH, an evaluation of the impact of the new patient user charge system introduced in early 2011.

WHO/Europe provides technical support primarily for the Ministry of Health and the State Health Agency. The latter acts as a purchasing organization and handles about 75% of all public funding for the health system.

WHO/Europe has intensively supported Armenia on health financing issues since 2007.